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If you want a quick installation system and rapid replacement, coaxial is the way to go. However, if you’re going to crank up the volume or consider yourself an audiophile, components are the only way to go, as long as you aren’t scared off by the installation issues.

True audiophiles choose component speakers over limited coaxial speakers because they allow you greater control over your listening experience. That’s not to suggest that coaxial speakers aren’t terrific, but this article focuses on the finest 6.5 component speakers.

Coaxial models are often less expensive, while putting together your system from component speakers can be more expensive and intimidating for some, but it doesn’t have to be. Today, we will look at various component speaker types to give you an idea of what you could opt for full-range sound, effectively designing your array according to your tastes.

As the market is oversaturated and numerous manufacturers worldwide produce speakers, deciding which ones will work best for you is a difficult challenge. It is not simple. Hence, we have searched the internet and listed the best of all speakers for you. Moreover, you will also have a buying guide that will help you narrow down your choices and make selection easier.

best 6.5 component speakers
All About 6.5 Component Speakers | Top 08 Best Speakers 4

What are Component Speakers?

Component speakers, often known as “separates,” feature two separate speakers that produce various sound ranges. The woofer or more prominent speaker emits the lower to mid-range frequencies. The tweeter, or little speaker, is responsible for high-frequency sounds and frequencies. The tweeter and woofer are separated, resulting in a crisper sound with much less distortion.

Component Speakers vs. Coaxial Speakers

The primary distinction is that one is made up of stacked speaker drivers, while the other comprises separate pieces of speaker drivers.

Full-range speakers are sometimes referred to as coaxial speakers. They’re usually the ones that come as standard in your vehicle. They’re pre-configured, self-contained, and effortless to set up. Moreover, they are two-way and have a woofer-tweeter combination.

Component speakers feature specialized individual drivers and can be set up if you like using your equalization. Splitting the woofer and tweeter allows you to manage their placement and sound better. However, proper installation may necessitate interior car modifications, which can be a deciding factor and the final nail in the coffin for others.

Splitting and connecting them to the appropriate channels requires some more thought, care, and concentration.

Most audiophiles consider component speakers to be superior because they sound better. When compared to a coaxial set in the same price range, they usually provide more extraordinary audio. Component speakers also offer far more equalization options, as their crossovers are typically more complex, allowing listeners to tailor their sounds to their liking.

If you want a quick installation system and rapid replacement, coaxial is the way to go. However, if you’re going to crank up the volume or consider yourself an audiophile, components are the only way to go, as long as you aren’t scared off by the installation issues.

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Key Considerations While Buying

You should have a clear idea of what you want. For example, do you want to replace a blown speaker or put together a high-quality sound system? Whatever the situation may be, there are a few things to look for in a speaker.


The sensitivity rating indicates how efficient the speaker is. High sensitivity is defined as a range of 90dB and above. When using a manufacturer radio, higher efficiency speakers will sound better than lower efficiency speakers. Those speakers will perform more with less power, which is essential because your factory radio isn’t that powerful.


You must also consider the speakers’ power handling capacity. You don’t need a speaker that can sustain a lot of power, but you should choose one that can function without it. If the speakers you’re considering have a power range listed, look for a small number.


Most cars can accommodate a large number of speakers. However, there are sometimes various sizes that will fit in the exact spot in your vehicle. This is possible because of speaker brackets and the ability to fit smaller speakers into a giant hole. To acquire superior sound, always go for the most noticeable speakers that will fit in any area of your automobile.

Frequency Response

It is a measurement of a speaker’s reproduction. The least number of bass indicates how common it can go. The more significant number represents all the high frequencies. If you want the loudest speakers possible, go for the lowest frequency response. Many speakers can even go up to 20kHz on the upper end.

focal 6.5 component speakers
All About 6.5 Component Speakers | Top 08 Best Speakers 5

Component vs. Coaxial System

Contrary to the component, coaxial speakers include tweeters and mid-ranges incorporated into the basket in addition to the woofers. Also, they are a little easier to install than two-way and three-way speakers. Hence, choose according to your personal preference.


A separate passive crossover network, usually in a box, is included with many component speakers. All your speaker connections are made inside that box, which contains several capacitors and coils. Its job is to send the high-frequency tweeter signals and low-frequency signals to the woofer.


Tweeters are in charge of the highest frequencies. Hence materials used in the tweeter determine its effectiveness. Usually, a silk or fabric tweeter will sound pleasant and melodic. While metallic or ceramic tweeters produce a more sharp, crisp, and precise sound.


If you want something more than a simple speaker replacement, you’ll have to consider a few other options. First, you can get a better speaker composed of higher-quality materials and can take more power.


The woofer is the essential component of the speakers; it is accountable for the lowest frequencies, which extend from the bass to the mid-range. Woofer materials are made of plastic, paper, flax, and polypropylene. 

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Best 6.5 Component Speakers

Are you looking for the best car speakers? The list below covers the top brand’s component speakers.

JBL CLUB6500C Car Speaker


  • Two-way 6.5” component system
  • Power handling (RMS): 50W
  • Frequency Range: 65Hz to 20 kHz
  • Bright tweeters
  • Smooth, precise, and attention to detail
  • Small crossover
  • Complete system upgrading is required to achieve the loudest sound.
  • Bass can take time to breakthrough.

This JBL CLUB6500C is an incredible value if you want a sturdy and generally high-quality speaker to substitute your car’s factory speakers at a suitable rate. Two woofers, two tweeters, and all necessary installation parts, such as mounting brackets and screws, are included in this 6.5-inch speaker set. To prevent wiring issues, double-check that you have the correct speaker-wire adapters for your car.

The 3-ohm impedance enables OEM radio to extract the power readily. Each speaker has a 50W RMS output, which is not the strongest, particularly if you prefer loud audio. However, they do generate some crystal-clear melodies, and once broken in, they do not lack in the mid-bass. In addition, the tweeters have a high sensitivity design, which results in some sharp, high notes.

However, these speakers are not for elevated audiophiles, but they sound fantastic if you are not an audiophile. With clear vocals and a relatively warm sound overall, you can expect a solid response from the mid-bass. If you pair these vehicle speakers with a subwoofer and a competent amplifier, they will sound fantastic together, and your car will tremble if that is your thing. To go with these, consumers suggest at least a 10-inch subwoofer.

Infinity REF6520CX Component System


  • Two-way 6.5″ component system
  • Power handling (RMS): 90W
  • Frequency Range: 53Hz to 21k Hz
  • Speakers work nicely with factory head units
  • Sounds much better than OEM speakers.
  • Clear sound with clean highs and prevalent midrange
  • Not the best for bass, even for 6.5 speakers
  • The crossover is a bit larger
  • Extra speaker wire and connectors required to complete mount

These 6.5 2-way component speakers provide excellent sound quality at a reasonable price. The speakers, first released in 2018, sound great thanks to the edge-driven cloth tweeters, which offer clear and well-rounded highs. These speakers have a powerful 90W RMS output and can be used with or without an additional amplifier. However, their frequency range is limited relative to other speakers on my list, ranging from 53 Hz to 21k Hz.

The 6 1/2 component speakers use Infinity’s Plus One larger woofer, which creates more bass and improved midrange performance while ensuring sound is evenly distributed throughout the vehicle, regardless of its size.

Overall, the highs are incredible, and the audio quality is crisp and clear due to the beautiful mid-bass. However, even though 6.5 vehicle speakers are not built for bass, the bass is a little lackluster. Anyone looking for deep bass should seek a whole system that includes these 6.5s since they will provide excellent all-around sound quality in an entire system. In addition, the adaptable baskets make these a breeze to install, making them an ideal factory improvement.

Rockford Fosgate R165-S Prime Component Speaker System


  • Two-way 6.5″ component system
  • Frequency Range: 60Hz to 20kHz
  • Power handling (RMS): 40W
  • High sound
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Overall bass is lacking
  • Low RMS and Sensitivity

This kit features two half-inch mylar-balanced dome tweeters with inbuilt crossovers that may be mounted flush, surface, or angle to tailor the highs to your preferences—2x 6.5″ woofers with mica-injected polypropylene cones for increased frequency response. The sensitivity is a little low at 89 dB, as is the continuous power handling of 40W RMS, but this should be enough for most people unless you want your car to shake violently.

The Frequency Response is 60 to 20k Hz, which is quite normal, but for under $100, you get a decent set of speakers that can be used as a factory update. They may not be an audiophile’s first pick for 6.5 component speakers, but they sound great and are simple to install, thanks to the built-in crossovers.

Getting a solid subwoofer with a low-pass crossover on the amp will complement these speakers, and the sound will be beautiful, powerful, and sharp.

Kicker 46CSS654 Component Stereo Speakers


  • Two-way 6.5″ component system
  • Power handling (RMS): 100W
  • Frequency Range: 35Hz to 21k Hz
  • Effortless fitting
  • Smaller crossovers
  • Affordable
  • Continuous power
  • 12dB crossover produces a prominent sound
  • Metal grills are of low quality
  • Low resistance

The Kicker, 6.5 component speakers of the 46CSS454 component series, are a cost-effective option for owners to improve their factory systems. Kicker’s latest components include titanium tweeters and an improved autonomous voice coil for crystal clear highs and thunderous bass performance. In addition, the polypropylene woofer material in the component speakers has been treated to prevent ultraviolet radiation from damaging it.

Moreover, this system has two tweeters, two speakers, a revised crossover, and other extras needed for a real factory-looking connection. Comprehensive directions manual guarantees that you achieve expert results, and Kicker’s tech assistance is accessible to help solve why things don’t work correctly.

Aside from the unbelievable economical rate, this audio system will astound you with its fantastic quality. Their engineers work for hours to get the best sound at the minimum rates. The neodymium magnets have also been upgraded in this kicker 6.5 component speakers’ series to improve speaker durability and performance.

Alpine R-Series 6.5 Component Car Speakers


  • Two-way 6.5″ component system
  • Power handling (RMS): 100W
  • Frequency Range: 65Hz to 29k Hz
  • Strong mid-range
  • Great overall sound quality
  • An external amp is required to get maximum sound.

Alpine is a well-known speaker brand in the automotive audio business. Alpine speakers are frequently placed in BMW and Mercedes factories. Two tweeters, two woofers, and two external crossovers are included in this alpine type r 6.5 component speakers set, which deliver loud and clear music with a 100W RMS, 4 Ohm Frequency Response.

Alpine’s historic Type-R speakers are recognized for their loudness, and the brand has advanced on it with its R-Series speakers. These 2-way drivers indicate Alpine continues to deliver high-quality speakers. In addition, Alpine’s Waveguide technology, a phase plug in the woofer cone’s center, improves in-car sound dispersion. It reduces phase distortion, allowing the driver to offer clear audio at high volumes.

Type-R speakers have a reputation for durability and sound quality. Although the frequency response of alpine 6.5 component speakers is confined between 65Hz and 29kHz, you shouldn’t buy 6.5 component speakers for their bassline anyhow. The high quality of the materials used in the R-S65-C means that you’ll have a long time of enjoyment from these speakers, which are possibly the best 6.5 component speakers in this price category.

Focal PS165FX Component Kit


  • 2-way 6.5″ component system
  • Power handling (RMS): 160W
  • Frequency Range: 55Hz to 28k Hz
  • High power handling
  • Bi-amp system
  • No distortions
  • Innovative technology
  • Reliable construction material for long life
  • Accurate and natural sound output
  • Positive
  • Giant magnets demand more extra space to fit.

The focal 6.5 component speakers series is equipped with Focal’s latest technology, which aims to provide you with a speaker that sounds more realistic and energetic. This kit includes a specifically designed phase plug that eliminates frequency dispersion problems. The system combines these cutting-edge woofers with its famed inverted magnesium alloy dome tweeters to create an exceptional sound wherever you are. By spreading high frequencies in a broad pattern, the inverted tweeters work like miniature woofers, resulting in rich, clean sounds. For further longevity, the tweeters of focal 6.5 component speakers are built with poron suspension.

This component speaker system includes bi-amp crossovers, allowing you to alter your tweeter’s audio output and woofer using various amps. In addition, the crossovers provide 2-position tweeter level and midrange adjustment, enabling you to fine-tune the device’s audio quality to your preferences.

Hertz Component Speakers 6.5


  • Two-way 6.5″ component system
  • Power handling (RMS): 110W
  • Frequency Range: 40Hz to 22.5 kHz
  • Made from high-grade materials
  • Good low-frequency range
  • Innovative design
  • Configurable based on personal taste and installation location.
  • Expensive

Hertz’s MPK 165.3 PRO 6.5′′ includes all of Hertz’s latest and finest technology. It’s a true audiophile system with high-end materials and components. With its hefty voice coil and large magnet, you can feel the stiffness and solidity of a Hertz when you handle it.  According to their specifications, the MPK 165.3 PRO is also a capable speaker. The construction of hertz component speakers 6.5 is also exact in terms of rated power handling, has the smallest frequency range for a better full-range surround, and has the smallest frequency range a high sensitivity rating.

The MPK product can handle 110 watts RMS in terms of power handling. Its unique V-cone and basket design and the Boundary Free rubber surround make it aesthetically stand out. The mix of flex, firmness, and substance is one of the main differences between speakers. Further, the cone design and firmness are art. This is a terrific value speaker for the money for the audiophile, and it won’t let you down.

JL Audio ZR650-CSI


  • Two-way 6.5″ component system
  • Power handling (RMS): 85W
  • Frequency Range: 48Hz to 25 kHz
  • Feature’s top-of-the-range technology
  • 20 settings available for customizing the speaker’s sound
  • Exceptional sound
  • Great build quality
  • Crossovers are a bit large.

These Evolution ZR component speakers from JL Audio were designed and constructed in Germany to exacting standards. Die-cast alloy baskets are used in the system’s woofers and tweeters. In addition, Kurt Muller cones and suspensions and 1″ aluminum tweeters are used. The 1″ metal domes with rubber-roll surrounds used in the ZR component tweeters offer the remarkable feature.

The bi-amp compatible ZR crossovers are made with high-quality components. For instance, mounted Mills TM resistors on an aluminum heatsink, segmented air-core inductors, and polypropylene capacitors. In addition, there are five tweeter levels of attenuation and four mid-range levels present in the ZR crossovers. This lets you modify the sound of the speakers with up to 20 different settings.


Most of us believe that a decent car is incomplete without a nice stereo and that the speakers are an essential component. But, while it’s easy to assume this, picking the appropriate ones isn’t so simple. Although we’ve probably all come to this conclusion at some point in our car-owning lives, everyone’s selection is influenced by various factors, ranging from price to size and power.

Choosing the best 6.5 component speakers for the vehicle is ‘not an easy/simple task. When it comes to finding the proper ones, there are a lot of variables to consider, and a lot of it boils down to personal preference. However, we hope the above buying guide helps you narrow down the best component speakers options.

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