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Atoto A6 has introduced an excellent automobile navigation stereo with some distinctive features that may offer a smooth driving experience for everyone, considering all of our preferences in mind.

It is great to drive along the road with your windows down and enjoy a fresh breeze. But what about when you’re in a strange city and have no idea where you’re going? Perhaps you’ve been trapped in traffic for hours and are thoroughly bored. Atoto A6 has introduced an excellent automobile navigation stereo with some distinctive features that may offer a smooth driving experience for everyone, considering all of our preferences in mind.

You could even term it an “Android Tablet” designed exclusively for your vehicle. Many modern cars come with Android Auto, which allows customers to link their cellphone to the vehicle easily and utilize Google Maps, make phone calls, exchange messages, and much more without requiring their smartphone. After installing Android Car Navigation Stereo, one can easily connect their cellphone to the car and utilize its features to take advantage of the most advanced technology.

As most Chinese devices on the market are low-cost and of poor quality, few people are ready to believe their quality for valid reasons. However, in comparison to other Chinese items, the Atoto A6 is out of this world.

In this article, Atoto a6 review has been discussed. We have tried telling you everything about ATOTO A6 Pro to assist you in deciding whether it would work appropriately for you so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.

atoto a6 pro
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Who is it intended for ATOTO A6 Pro?

Are you debating whether or not this stereo system is right for you?

The only features lacking from the A6 Stereo System are SiriusXM and HD radio, but we believe you could get them via your smartphone. In addition, you will be able to achieve your task in the highest audio quality possible if you install these head units.

We believe that the Atoto A6 is most suited for individuals looking for a solution to secure their safety while driving. This one has a hands-free attachment and also includes hand gestures. So you don’t even have to glance at the device to perform tasks while driving. Instead, activate the hand motions and wave your hands to make everything possible.

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Atoto A6 Specifications

The technical specifications of the Atoto A6 are given below.

Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB

Pre-Amp: 4x45W Amp, RMS 4x24W

Resolution: 1024 x 600

Storage Capacity: 16/32Gb

Weight: 2.42lbs

Screen Size: 7inches

Dimensions: 8.98 x 5.79 x 5.63 inches

Display Type: LCD

Atoto A6 Features

Below are some of the best features of Atoto A6 that make it stand out from the rest.

Operation System

Atoto A6 Pro is a sophisticated Android radio system that runs on the Android Marshmallow operating system. It can effortlessly connect to an Android smartphone to allow you to make calls, listen to various audio, and send texts while driving.

The 256GB SSD disc allows for a lot of storage. Hence, you can save all your favorite audio and listen to them even when you’re not connected to the internet.

The vehicle-specific operating system includes support for a back camera, dashcam, Atoto a6 radio AM/FM, and other accessories without any hassle. Moreover, compared to pumpkin android, it offers a speedy boot time.


The layout is straightforward. There are only a few physical buttons, and you may navigate using the touchscreen to do all of the operations.

Fast Access

The Atoto A6 Pro is always ready to guide your route in no time, with a rapid boot time of fewer than 2 seconds. In less than 2 seconds, you’ll be up and running. Compared to competing for automobile navigation stereos, which have a starting time of roughly 25 seconds, this device’s 2-second ready-on function managed to steal the show.

Smart and Power Saving

This gadget can also switch off when your car has been parked for seven days, in addition to having a speedy boot time.

Mobile Hotspot Tethering and WiFi

The Atoto A6 Pro comes with dual-band WiFi (2.4G/5G) and wireless hotspot tethering, giving you the ultimate level of easiness. You can now navigate the highways and even check your emails from time to time.

Dual Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth 1 is equipped with twin Bluetooth chips and can be used hands-free to answer or make calls. In addition, the Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX option wirelessly delivers premium sound quality.

Qualcomm BT enables several other capabilities, like a BT Gamepad for kids in the back seats, TPMS, and OBD2. However, it supports three separate device connections.

Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto

This head unit gadget is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, allowing users to download anything from the Google Play Store and Apple Store using their cell phones. In addition, both Google Assistant and Siri are usable for the gadget, giving you more options for controlling car entertainment.

However, if it doesn’t function on your device, you have to upgrade the system firmware, and you are good to go.

Toshiba’s High-Performance Pre-Amplifier

The latest Toshiba ultra-powerful pre-amplifier, with RMS 29w outputs, ensures a balanced bass, treble, and audio to ensure you get superb sound clarity.

This feature is included in regular and premium versions, so you do not have to worry about getting a more robust and natural audio experience with your 2 to 8 door speakers.

IPS Full Touch Screen Display

The Atoto A6 Pro features an up-to-date 7″ 1024×600 full touch IPS LCD screen with a 178 viewing angle for a great view even in bright sunlight. The Colour contrast is exceptional, and the top-notch sensitivity touch screen is an added plus for the price.

Controlling Gestures

The next-generation A6 Pro now has a gesture control feature that is useful when speeding down a congested route. You can effortlessly use seven distinct hand gesture controllers to perform a total of 23 activities while driving without risking any mishap.

Fast Charging

Using your mobile’s hotspot tethering to browse YouTube, access easy navigations, and other similar activities can quickly deplete the battery. To address this shortcoming, the Atoto A6 Pro is equipped with a USB charging connector that supports up to 2A fast charging, allowing you to power your phone quickly. Just make sure the cable you’re using supports quick charging, and you won’t have to worry about your battery dying.

Numerous Inputs/Outputs

It further features a variety of inputs and outputs that have been upgraded to perform better in automobiles. In addition, the built-in EasyConnect app lets you cast what’s on your phone to the stereo screen using USB/WiFi.

Highest Installation/Fit Compatibility

This device is designed to provide the maximum level of fit and installation compatibility. It will fit into any vehicle without the need for cutting. When streaming audio over Bluetooth or transferring data, the phone battery can quickly drop. The Atoto A6 Pro gives you more power to your phone than any other car audio.

Multi-Lingual Device

The car audio has nine languages that are pre-installed to accommodate a variety of consumers. In addition, third-party apps can be run smoothly on the device.

Versatile Connectivity

This device offers you a wide range of output options. It enables you to connect your back camera to your Dash camera. You can have peace of mind with the personal privacy protection option. Additional features include hands-free data transfer, built-in GPS navigation, and steering wheel audio control.

atoto a6 review
ATOTO A6 Reviews - Is It The Best ? 5

Benefits and Drawback

Below are the advantages and Atoto a6 problems.

  • Budget-friendly
  • The design is stunning.
  • Fast booting
  • Bluetooth communication is flawless.
  • The microphone that is loud and clear
  • Installation is simple and quick.
  • Adaptable connectivity
  • A fantastic viewing experience
  • Recognition of hand gestures
  • Support for third-party apps is friendly and straightforward.
  • Available in nine different languages.
  • For some folks, the RCA lineout can be perplexing.
  • There are dead places on the screen.
  • The build could have been better.
  • Poor Customer Service Support
  • Steering wheel controls need improvement.

How to Use the Atoto Car Stereo?

The majority of customers were blown away by the performance of this car stereo when they used its plethora of features. As it is designed specifically for audio, you may use it for all of your audio needs in your automobile.

You also receive a navigation option that includes all of the GPS functionality you’ll need to navigate the maps. It also has a reverse camera option, so you do not have to turn your head backward to reverse like a zombie.

It runs on the Android operating system and provides access to various apps and functionalities that you might not have imagined. In brief, you may use the stereo for multiple reasons; whether it’s listening to audio or navigating a map, this one has it all. The most admirable aspect is that it’s effortless to operate via an LCD touch screen.

Besides, with the Atoto A6 manual pdf, you can easily learn all the features more quickly.

How Can I Make The Most Of My Atoto A6?

It would be best if you chose which of these head units is most appropriate for you. When you look at Amazon, you’ll notice that the gap in price between the cheapest and most costly items is $100. There is a significant gap in what they are capable of.

After purchasing it, you have to put it in place. I always advise consulting a professional. Allowing others to handle things saves me a lot of time and worry. The parking brake bypass is the second thing to be recommended. Unfortunately, that’s also out of date now.

Start familiarising yourself with the system after everything is up and running. Also, please make use of the customization options to match it to your decor. Finally, spend time learning how to use the features. You’ll be busy for the next few days with all of them.

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Who manufactures Atoto?

Atoto, formerly known as Aotule Car Electronics, manufactures the ATOTO A6. Mr. Jay Yang, the firm’s founder, has ten years of expertise and founded the company in 2008. The company is based in Dongguan, China.

Are these Atoto A6 head units compatible with Android Auto?

Yes, Android Auto is compatible with these head units. The only disadvantage is that Google Assistant is not available.

What type of input camera, the Atoto A6 pro automobile navigation stereo has?

You can pick between two camera inputs. For example, a dash camera and a rear camera can both be installed.

What’s the difference between the Atoto A6 Pro and the A6 Standard?

Phone Quick Charge is available on the Atoto A6 Pro, but it is not available on the Atoto A6 Standard. The Atoto A6 Pro additionally has a more robust internal pre-amplifier. In addition, both include a camera backup input.

What type of WiFi band connection does the Atoto A6 Pro have?

The Atoto A6 Pro supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Is there a backup camera, backup camera input, and video inputs on all Atoto A6 models?

Yes, all of them are available on all Atoto A6 models.

Is Google Maps and GPS Navigation supported by the Atoto A6 double din android vehicle stereo?

Yes, it supports them and has an excellent GPS navigation system.

Is Atoto A6 Pro USB tethering compatible?

Unfortunately, no. It only supports WiFi and mobile hotspot tethering and does not support USB tethering.

Is it possible to use Spotify and Waze?

Yes. Except for Netflix and Android Auto, you may install almost any Android app on your device via WiFi or a hotspot.

Because Waze does not offer an offline map option, you will always need to be connected to the internet.

Is there any Atoto A6 manual pdf?

You can find the detailed instruction in this atoto a6 manual pdf that will help you learn about its features.

Is there an OBD port on this device?

Most Bluetooth OBD2 devices available on Amazon can connect to the device. In addition, you can use the Torque OBD app installed in the A6. You can also use Bluetooth OBD applications from third parties.


Suppose your integrated car stereo appears drab and easy, and you miss modern capabilities like LCD, hands-free calling, navigation, and entertainment. In that case, it’s time to upgrade to one of the latest Android head units.

Try considering the ATOTO A6. The ATOTO A6 Android stereo made our best car stereo list because of its incredible quality and countless features. It comes with a built-in GPS antenna, gesture control and is compatible with various apps.

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