Bose Lifestyle 650 Review

Bose is well known for manufacturing high-quality audio devices for worldwide users. Similarly, the brand owns the top position in making outclass home theatres and similar devices.

One of the most iconic products is the Bose Lifestyle 650. This article will share a detailed bose lifestyle 650 reviews and the product’s advantages, disadvantages, performance, etc. So, read and learn more about the bose lifestyle 650 home entertainment system.

After launching, the wonderful bose lifestyle 650 home theatre system became famous worldwide because of its stunning sound performance. The system is exemplary in making good home theatres and serving the best sound experience.

Besides providing stand-out sound, it also offers users a 5.1 surround sound experience. Additionally, the bose lifestyle 650 home theatre system is all you want to install an ideal home theatre for your place. The unbelievable features and specifications would surprise you, but that’s how the bose lifestyle 650 system works so well. To discover the bose 650 lifestyle review in detail, read the following information.

Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System


The brand “Bose” undoubtedly comes among world-leading brands that know how to design the perfect home theatre for audio lovers. Their lifestyle 650 system is an all-time favorite setup of numerous users, not only because of its performance but also praiseworthy design.

The bose lifestyle 650 system offers a durable, reliable, and functional design. The wireless system comes in two convenient colors, black and white, that can effortlessly match anyone’s home decor. Further, the system contains a bass module, a soundbar, a console, and four speakers that do wonders in making your home theatre to ultimate levels.

Each component of the lifestyle 650 bose contains a sleek and slim design and doesn’t consume a lot of space, unlike other sound systems that are too bulky and have numerous significant components. The body of the bose lifestyle 650 system contains an anodized aluminum finish and a metal grille that ideally covers each speaker. At the same time, the Acoustimass wireless bass module features a tempered glass surface that effortlessly enhances the grace of the overall system.

Additionally, the lifestyle 650 bose is specially formulated to provide an immersive audio experience to the users; it is possible with the help of front and rear enveloping audio. The whole component works ideally and produces crystal clear sound in no time.

Sound Quality

Ther are tiny speakers placed in the lifestyle 650 bose system, while it works pretty impressively in serving the best sound experiences to the users. In addition, its 5.2 surround sound system creates clear vocals and excellent sound performance accordingly.

Furthermore, the subwoofer is also stunning when it comes to sound performance. It delivers smooth and precise sound services without creating any disturbance or issues. Read More about Bose Soundbar 500 Review.

Calibration and Setup

If you have used home theatres, you must know how to adjust and calibrate. It is also essential to properly adjust or calibrate the bose lifestyle 650 setups to use the system. The bose lifestyle 650 setup is effortless because of ADAPTiQ functionality. You must wear headsets (that also comes with the system) and describe the whole calibration process.

Similarly, you can listen to the guidelines accordingly and follow them as required. However, if you are a beginner and find adjustments, hire a professional to get the job done. The total of 10  minutes it takes to optimize all the speakers and sound systems of the bose lifestyle is 650. If one follows the guidelines accurately, one can complete the calibration process in 10 miimply.

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The bose lifestyle 650 home theatre system contains numerous components, including a center channel speaker, a console, 4 OmniJewel Satellite speakers, and a bass module. Additionally, the receiver includes 6 HDMI ports. The overall appearance of all components is sleek and attractive, which adds more beauty to your TV shelf.

OmniJewel Speakers

The best components of Bose 650 lifestyle system is their OmniJewel Speakers. The design contains two drivers pointing at one another. Mostly, other manufacturers use one driver, whereas the Bose lifestyle is unlike others and is created with two drivers that are more efficient in serving the best results.

The drivers’ job is to vibrate, then vibration causes waves, which produce sound. The best thing about Bose OmniJewel speakers is that they automatically adjust the volume uniformly as the other components generate. As a result, the whole system delivers uniform sound adequately.


After long hours of research and analysis, our team found the bose 650 lifestyles excellent. The intense audio of bose lifestyle 650 home entertainment system can effortlessly reach every corner of the room. Additionally, the surround satellite speaker’s performance is also on point.

The availability of dual drivers in omniJewel speakers disperse even sound at a time. Moreover, one can control and adjust the sound with the help of Bose remote. Therefore lifestyle 650 bose is manufactured with outclass features that take your sound experience to another level.

  • It can connect with Amazon Alexa
  • Elegant design
  • A complete home theatre system with numerous components, including OmniJewel satellite speakers
  • Wireless bass module
  • Disperse 360 degrees sound
  • ADAPTiQ system for effortless calibration
  • Remote control system
  • User-friendly design
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Highly expensive
  • The Remote is not durable


Undoubtedly the bose lifestyle 650 home entertainment system is exemplary in serving the best quality sound and making your sound experience memorable. But, the system is costly. You can buy the bose lifestyle 650 home theatre.

Not everyone can afford such a heavy amount and own a great sound system. But, sometimes, it’s better to spend a little more on getting quality products than purchasing short-lived cheap products.

Therefore spending hundreds of dollars on buying bose lifestyle 650 would never disappoint you; instead, you will love enjoying the sound system’s unbelievable service.


After reviewing the Bose lifestyle 650 sound system in detail, it can be said that the small pack is outstanding in offering straightforward, loud, and quality audio services to the users. Its connectivity with Alexz Amazon and the ADAPTiQ system is praiseworthy. The ultimate features of bose 650 lifestyles make the system user-friendly and straightforward.

Thus, if you are obsessed with powerful home theatre, hurry up and quickly buy the ultimate bose lifestyle 650 system. There are only a few pieces left on AMAZON, so don’t delay and place your order now and enjoy the beautiful vocals.

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