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When it comes to electrical appliances, Apple is most people’s first preference. But, in reality, most other brands produce high-quality devices for users worldwide. One of them is “Bose.” The brand has become well-known for manufacturing exemplary sound systems, CD players, pilot gears, and similar products.

Further, their best-selling latest sounders are making new records. One of the most functional and ideal is Bose Soundbar 500, which offers numerous features and a user-friendly design. This article will find a detailed bose soundbar 500 review and specifications. In addition, we will also share a brief comparison of bose soundbar 500 vs. 700. So, keep reading and find bose 500 soundbar review and bose soundbar 500 specs.

Bose Soundbar 500 with Alexa voice control built-in, Black

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  • Designed slim and engineered powerful for a better sound experience that won't get in the way of your TV screen
  • Built in voice assistants, like Alexa and the Google Assistant, with superior voice pickup from a noise rejecting eight microphone Array
  • With Wi Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple airplay 2 compatibility, you can wirelessly stream whatever you want, however you want
  • Play integrated music services like Spotify, music and audible through Bluetooth or Wi Fi connections
  • Control comes easy with three different ways to manage what you hear: voice, Bose music app, or included remote


Firstly, when one sees the slim design of bose smart soundbar 500, it’s hard for him to resist buying the product. This is because it’s lightweight; the soundbar only contains 7 pounds of weight. Whereas bose soundbar 500 dimensions are around 31.5 x 4 x 1.8-inch. Further, the bose 500 soundbar is comparatively slimmer than the Sonos Beam soundbar (which contains 25.6 x 3.9 x 2.7-inch dimensions).

Apart from its slim design, the soundbar design features glowing colorful LED lights, rubber padding for vibration control, numerous connections for optional speakers, a power adapter, eternal post, HDMI port and cable, optical port, and others. Additionally, the design also included a connection for the AdaptlQ headset that users can wear and enjoy sound directly coming from bose 500 soundbars when required. At the same time, one can listen without a headset and enjoy the excellent sound.

Bose soundbar 500 setup demands users to install the Bose Music App, which is available for both IOS and android devices. Bose Music app made it effortless to connect with the phone; further, through this app, you can connect speakers with WiFi, Bluetooth, and much more.

Users find the app facilitating and can easily connect with speakers without getting technical help from professionals. You can watch any movie, show and play music directly by connecting the speaker with the phone, laptop, or tablet because of Bose Music App. The app also has a feature that tells users how to start and use the soundbar; it also knows users of bose soundbar 500 specifications and cable connection processes.

The slim device comes with a bose soundbar 500 remote powered by 2 AAA battery cells. Moreover, bose soundbar 500 remote contains numerous buttons from top to bottom, so users can find the feasibility of functioning the soundbar according to their preferences.

The design has one of the appreciating features: it can simply connect with Alexa. The long-range soundbar mics assist best in picking the user’s voice and sending it to Alexa. But, when you listen to sounds in loud voices, the Alexa may find difficulty accordingly.

So, you need to pause the sound and ask for Alexa’s help manually. Further, the music App has some of the ultimate built-in features like streaming radio shows directly from it and others.


There are two functions enabled in the soundbar, one is non-AdaptlQ, and the other is AdaptlQ. You choose to get sound experience on the speakers; the sound can reach widely accordingly. In AdaptlQ mode, there are corded headsets that you can connect to the soundbar through the wire and listen to sound privately. AdaptlQ mode is limited to your ears only; no other person sitting next to you would not be able to experience the sound you are listening through headsets.

Now, after understanding the feature in detail, coming back to the sound performance of both modes. The sound performance was quite similar; there was no prominent difference noticed in a change of performance by the users. However, only one feels the base sound louder in AdaptlQ mode, so it’s not for people who like soft mild sound. Therefore, overall sound performance is on point; whether you opt for movies, Netflix shows, Tv, or the radio, you will eventually have an excellent sound experience with a bose 500 soundbar.

  • Deliver High-quality sound
  • WiFi, Google, and Alexa connectivity
  • Remote Control
  • Lightweight
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Airplay2 included
  • Users can stream radio
  • Boss Music App makes it effortless for beginners to use
  • Unavailability of subwoofer leads
  • HDMI spare inputs are not available


Difference Between Bose Soundbar 700 vs. 500

Both 500 and 700 models are popular among users when it comes to bose soundbars. However, both attain numerous differences from one another. Here we discuss some of the prominent differences between bose 500 soundbars and bose 700 soundbars. Check out the following comparison of bose soundbar 700 vs. 500.

Bose Soundbar 500Bose Soundbar 700
It comes with the HDMI cable only. Not get a chance to catch dust and fingerprints.

Bose soundbar 500 remote can only control the soundbar; the controlling features are limited.

I can handle Dolby Digital.

The bose soundbar 500 price is affordable.
Contain HDMI cable along with optical audio cable.

The 700 soundbars are created with glass, so it has most likely interacted with dust and fingerprints.

This model comes with a universal remote control system that is more advanced than the soundbar 500 version.

Through this feature, one can set up an entire entertainment system effortlessly.

Both Dolby Digital and DTS can handle it.

It is pretty expensive than the bose 500 soundbars.


Those having a tight budget who still want to invest their precious money in the quality sound system should pay attention to the bose soundbar 500 specifications. It is undoubtedly the ideal speaker that you would not regret buying for regular home use or another purpose. The numerous ultimate features make the bose smart soundbar 500 worth purchasing.

I hope you find the bose 500 soundbar review guide helpful and facilitating. If you still come up with more relatable queries, please ask in the comment section below.

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