What Size Speakers Fit My Car ?

Whenever you want to install the sound system of your newly purchased or old automobile, you will always come up with questions like, “What speakers fit my car?” or “What size speakers fit my car?”

Mostly, people ignore the size and specs and buy speakers with outstanding sound performance. However, if the speaker’s size is not on point, you are wasting your time, money, and effort simultaneously. Similarly, it’s better to get an idea about the speaker’s size, type, and capacity necessarily.

Here we have written a complete guide for you to learn about which type and size of speakers you should consider buying. So that, at the time of purchase, you do not need to worry about the size of the speakers and can buy the one with suitable size and specs.

Therefore, when the ideal speakers are installed in your car, you will be effortlessly enjoying your favorite music and audio podcasts adequately. By reading this guide till the end, you will answer the question “what speakers fit my car.” So check out the below details and get your answers.

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Specifications To Look For When Buying Car Speakers

Checking the specifications of car speakers is essential. Similarly, one should consider the following factors at the time of shopping. These factors play a vital role in providing users with a beautiful audio experience.


The power of speakers is measured in watts. “Power handling” means the car speakers are capable enough to manage the power generated by the amplifier, stereo, or another external device. Some speakers are not efficient enough to handle adequate power and get destroyed.

So, users need to invest in speakers with high power handling for the best and most durable solutions. Also, it is recommended to buy the car stereos first, then shop the car speakers accordingly.

When you look at the power specifications in detail, you must come up with two rating numbers. Firstly, a lower number refers to the minimum wattage the speakers can produce to start functioning.

Another is a large number that denotes how much the maximum power the speaker can bear. Therefore, you need to check your automobile’s power with the speaker’s recommended range RMS and simultaneously.


The sensitivity measurement refers to the conversion of watt power into decibels (volume). Similarly, sensitivity shows how loud or light your speaker can provide. The higher the sensitivity is, the louder the sound it will disperse. So, check the sensitivity when buying car speakers. I

f you are fond of mild light audios, then look for speakers with low sensitivity. However, it’s also essential to check the sensitivity of your car stereo accordingly.

Also, you need to check if your car stereo contains low power or high, then go for buying the speakers. If the car stereo consists of low power, then try investing in the speakers containing high sensitivity. Similarly, the high-powered stereos paired best with speakers containing low sensitivity.

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Components To Look For


The component tweeters play an essential role in generating high-frequency sound. It can produce a frequency of 2-20kHz. The size of the tweeters is small. Similarly, tweeters that consist of high frequency can give you more prominent sounds.


The crossover network prevents unwanted frequencies from getting to the speakers. It ideally filters and organizes the frequencies and then moves them towards the main speakers. The crossover network ensures high quality and clear sound performance. The forms of a crossover network are:

  • 2-way crossover
  • 3-way crossover
  • 4-way crossover

The sound quality that 2-way crossover speakers provide is average. However, 3-way crossover speakers can be the better choice for more powerful sounds. However, for the perfect sound system in your car, choose 4-way crossover speakers and enjoy loud music.


Subwoofers are mini woofers that comparatively produce lower-frequency sound than woofers and tweeters. It is essential when the car’s sound system is not producing more prominent sounds, so you must place a subwoofer in the car.

However, if the car speakers are powerful, then there is no need to install a subwoofer. For those who look for door r dash speakers, then the subwoofer is the best choice.

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What Size Speakers Fit My Car ?

To realize what size speakers fit in my car, it’s essential to measure available space in the car. Three main ways can help one in getting an idea about the car’s suitable size of speakers.

Firstly, you need to measure the diameter of the designated place in the car (door or dash) where you will place the speakers. By using inch tape, you can take the measurements and note them ideally.

Next, a measurement of depth is essential. The deepness of your car’s designated space would determine which size of speakers will suit there. So, note the measurements adequately.

Lastly, you need to measure the length. It can be done by using a measuring tape, ideally. Now you have the measurements of length, depth, and correct diameter. These notes would help you purchase the desirable car speakers that you can effortlessly fit into the car’s door or dash.

It is recommended to take a professional’s assistance when installing a speaker into the car. Because it would be difficult for beginners to implement the installation process, however, if you want to do it all by yourself, then go for watching some tutorials on Youtube before starting. Hence, doing this can help you learn more about the excellent installation process.

Therefore, I hope you liked the guide on what speakers fit in my car; if you still have any questions, please ask us in the comments section below.

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